New Obsession: Earl Grey


Hey there Teafolk,

I went away on a long break, sorted out my world and now I’m back! There really is nothing tea can’t fix. I’m now fixated on a new tea. I’ve gone through two boxes in less than a month. Earl Grey. That beautiful blue flower turned tea.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of stumbling upon Le Grande Epicerie at Le Bonne Marche in Paris. I was having a particularly bad day and I knocked over the electronic price tags of the entire tea section. So I grabbed a random one and ran. I’ve  never picked an earl grey tea before as it just seemed like such a basic boring tea. But you need THIS earl grey.


Earl Grey from Le Grande Epicerie


The smell is addictive, the taste is addictive. I’ve got the loose leaf version and have just mixed it up with some lapsang souchong and let me tell you – I think I’ve hit a million dollar idea.

Since discovering this tea, I’ve been trying to find some other great earl greys but have not liked any others. If you have a favourite earl grey, let me know. Always open to some teadvice ♥


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