Shiso Burger Paris: Shiso Tea

Bouchard (6).png

Came for the burger, stayed for the tea. A great friend came over to Paris for a quick trip and I’m so happy we got to discover this place together. Being vegetarians, we got to have a fab tofu burger and even better house fries but for me, the real highlight of the meal was the shiso mint tea.

Having grown up in Japan, I am quite familiar with the shiso leaf. I’ve had it battered and fried in tempura form, I’ve had it as a wasabi receptacle and I’ve seen it in supermarkets. But I’ve never seen anyone make a tea out of it. I’ve seen fresh mint tea, mostly at Lebanese restaurants but never combined with shiso.

I LOVED IT! It was minty, it was warm and the shiso gave it a bit of a tangy plum taste. The shiso leaf contains a bunch of iron and calcium and helps to restore mental alertness. What more could you ask for?

Shiso Burger is right by the Notre Dame, so you can go for some late night walkies after your shiso tea xox

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