Five Days of Pekoe: Yunnan Green

Bouchard (1).png

I went on holiday! I went back to Scotland for a week and picked up five Pekoe teas. PekoeTea is a small Edinburgh shop and you can find their tea at cafes all around the city. You can even order online!

I tried their chai tea with brunch at Loudons and it was fantastic so I wandered over to the shop and sniffed about. Now that I’m back in Paris I’m getting a chance to try the teas I bought. So here we go, five days of Pekoe.

First up is Yunnan Green. It’s a Chinese green tea made from the Yunnan broad leaf in the mountains outside of Pu Erh City. First off, it smells incredibly grassy with a hint of smokiness. I love a smokey tea so I was really excited to try this one.

*Brewing… Still Brewing…*

It tastes like green tea! It’s a bit powdery for my taste. There’s a sweetness in the initial taste and then it goes bitter. It tastes a bit like matcha.

Have you tried a Yunnan Green Tea before? xox

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