Five Days of Pekoe: Da Hong Pao

Bouchard (3).png

From the depths of the Wuyi Mountains, Pekoe has brought forth Da Hong Pao, also meaning Big Red Robe. This tea is fantastic. It’s an oolong and only needs 30 seconds to brew. Top tea tip: oolong tea can be reused a couple of times, so if you’re a tea addict and need 3 pots a day, go for oolong.

There are all kinds of oolong tea, and I’ll introduce you to another one tomorrow as well, but for today lets just focus on the Da Hong Pao. This dark tea originates during the Song dynasty that ran from 960–1279, which is crazy if you think about how long ago that was. The legend is that the emperor was cured of illness by said tea and sent big red robes to protect the bushes, hence the name. Some of the original bushes are still producing today, making this historical tea particularly expensive. When I say expensive mean: $35,436 per ounce. Luckily the one from Pekoe was just £8 for 25g.

The water is quick to darken, you want it to sit at a golden brown colour. The tea itself is peaty and rich. Do not over brew. Unless you like incredibly malty tea, then over brew away. The tea starts out quite floral and with each brew becomes more earthy in my opinion. This is probably my favourite oolong out there, though I’ve only tried three.

What’s your favourite oolong? xox

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