Rose Tea

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Hey Cute-TEAs,

Roses are for Valentine’s Day, not for tea, silly. This is actually what I used to think until I actually tried some rose tea. I was out and about by the Eiffel Tower one day and I stumbled across a café called Carette. I had heard that they had fabulous macarons and as I am a macaron fiend, I popped in for some afternoon tea. Since my French is probably the world’s worst French, I ordered the tea with the first words I could recognise – rose tea! I always imagined rose tea as being really flavourless with a couple of rose buds floating around but I was so wrong. I have no idea what Carette did but I can still remember the sweetness of the tea.

There began the obsession. I bought rose syrup (it is lovely in milk), rose macarons, rose candies, rose candles, rose coloured clothing. If it had the word rose in it, I would buy it. So I’ve come across a really lovely, easily accessible rose tea from Yogi. It actually has hibiscus and lavender petals infused in the tea bag for a really delicate flavour.

Rose tea has amazing health benefits as well. Firstly, it has loads of vitamin C. So it can boost your immune system while also helping out your skin and your hair. Secondly, it’s known to relieve menstrual cramps over a period of time. The idea is that if you start drinking rose tea now, around six months from now you’ll be able to combat aunt flow and her army of devils without even fretting about it.

Happy tea-ploring 🙂

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