Five Days of Pekoe: Japanese Cherry

Bouchard (2)Day 2 of tea testing! A seasonally appropriate post (or have I just missed it?). I’m going to taste test a Japanese Cherry tea!

I grew up in Japan so this really warms my heart. Opening the tea it smells like home in the Spring time. The tea has the sweet smell of a cherry tea but also hints of that wee red cherry you get on desserts at restaurants. It’s an incredibly sugary smell. When brewed the smell is less intense and the water gives it a softness.

So, taste time! It is meant to be a sencha tea and so I was expecting it to taste like green tea with a perfumed smell. But, this tea has got rose petals in it which makes this sencha a bit less earthy and a lot more flowery. I highly recommend this one, just don’t sniff it for too long – it might make you a little ill.

(Trying a new font this week for the featured photo, let me know what you think!)

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