Beauty and the Beast Tea Collectables

-Nothing like a nice warm cup of tea to make the world seem a bit brighter.-.pngOkay, this post isn’t really directly about tea. But it is about my new favourite movie – the Beauty and the Beast remake. I thought it was going to be mediocre and I’d leave the cinema slightly disappointed like I was with Cinderella. To my surprise, I’ve been back to the cinema three more times to see this incredible film which made me angry, sad, happy and excited every single time. If you haven’t seen it go. Now. Close your device. Walk to cinema. Watch movie. Bye.

For the rest of you, I’m writing this post because I’m really excited but also really sad. Any tea fanatic needs an inordinate amount of teapots and I’ve found the tea set of my dreams. For just £200, the Disney store was giving you the chance to have your own Mrs. Potts and Chip. Sadly, they are now sold out!



HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT!? Help me find this magnificent set to add to my collection and I’ll be eternally grateful. Buy it for me and I’ll love you forever 😉

It’ll help me add to my collection of movie collectables too! I’ve got the music box from Anastasia – my favourite animated movie of all time.

What’d you think of Beauty and the Beast? xo

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