Five Days of Pekoe: Chai Black

Bouchard (4).png

Most of us have tried the Starbucks Chai Tea latte and gone, “OMG, I love chai!” But tea folk, have you really tried chai on its own. Without the added milk and sugar and whatever else comes in the latte version.

I’m here to tell you not to. I had a magical experience with chai tea in a restaurant but again that came in latte form. So what is chai tea? It’s a black tea mixed up spices including ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and fennel. I’ve loved all my Pekoe teas but this one tasted like a sad watery mix of the above ingredients. If you like the smell of fennel and turmeric this is for you, but it is definitely not up my alley. I’m just talking about drinking it straight here (without the deliciousness of the milk and sugar.)

Chai hails from India and is usually a delicious blend of herbs and spices with incredible health benefits, including but not limited pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin C. All in all, this thing is good for you. My main advice on this one is to have chai but in a restaurant or perfect a recipe at home, then share your recipe with me xoxo

That’s a wrap for the Pekoe tasting! Let me know where to splurge on tea next.

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